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      1. Health sciences

        Ranked first in New Zealand and in the top 101-125 in the world for clinical, pre-clinical and health subjects by Times Higher Education, AUT is one of the country's biggest health science education providers. We draw on research and industry practice to prepare you for a rewarding career in a growing sector – and our graduates are in demand worldwide.

        When you study here you’ll get experience working with real people through industry work placements. You’ll also work in our health clinics on campus, which offer services to the public like physiotherapy, oral health, podiatry and more.

        Undergraduate study in health sciences will give you a solid grounding in your chosen area.

        Bachelor's degree

        Tailor the degree to your interests - study an individual pathway in the Bachelor of Health Science

        You can also study the Bachelor of Health Science without choosing a major, following an individual pathway. This is a great way to tailor the degree to your interests and prepare yourself for a wide range of non-clinical careers.

        Individual pathway in the Bachelor of Health Science

        Graduate certificates and diplomas

        Postgraduate study in health sciences will build on your knowledge and expertise in your area of interest.

        Practice as a health professional in New Zealand is governed by legislation and a number of ‘Responsible Authorities’ (such as the NZ Psychologist Board, Physiotherapy Board and the Nursing Council who register practitioners). Overseas qualified health professionals who wish to practise in New Zealand should communicate directly with the relevant Responsible Authority. Qualifications recognised for professional registration at AUT are undergraduate; study at postgraduate level is not considered equivalent recognition for NZ Board certification.

        A certificate or diploma will give you an introduction to your chosen subject and can prepare you for further study.

        Research in health sciences

        We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across health sciences.

        More about our research

        Get hands-on experience in our health clinics

        Students work with close supervision at our North Campus clinic, AUT Integrated Health. Open to the public, it offers health and rehab services like counselling and podiatry.

        AUT Integrated Health

        Text on a woven Pacific background:
        Liz Binns
        Professor Valery Feigin
        News pattern
        Text on a woven Pacific background:
        Pacific language video series
        08 May, 2020
        A video series by AUT will highlight the Pacific Islands Families (PIF) Study’s work in shaping resilient futures for Pacific communities.
        Liz Binns
        Physio for older adults from a distance
        01 May, 2020
        AUT researchers have developed an exercise programme for housebound older adults, to prevent loss of mobility and independence during COVID-19.
        Webinars tackle racism in Aotearoa
        05 Mar, 2020
        An innovative new event creating open access resources for Tiriti education and the fight against racism is taking place from March 21-30 2020.
        How adolescents define well being
        03 Mar, 2020
        Tweens see family and friends as the surest way towards wellbeing
        Professor Valery Feigin
        Nearly everyone at risk of stroke
        25 Feb, 2020
        Professor Valery Feigin at AUT suggests that categorising people into ‘low, moderate or high’ risk of stroke should be abandoned.
        Til Chhetri
        Sam Lindsay
        Lynn Chen
        Folole Fangupo
        Roanne Horne

        Contact details

        Contact us online
        Phone 0800 AUT UNI (0800 288 864)

        Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences
        AG 129, North Campus
        90 Akoranga Drive
        Northcote, Auckland
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        South Campus
        640 Great South Road
        Manukau, Auckland
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