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      1. Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences

        AUT’s degrees in engineering and computer and mathematical sciences are your opportunity to play a key role in New Zealand’s technological, social and economic development.

        Our teaching and research staff are among the best in New Zealand and internationally. This, alongside collaborative learning environments and valuable workplace experience with industry clients, contributes to our programmes achieving the highest standards in student experience and employer satisfaction.

        A certificate or diploma will give you an introduction to your chosen subject and can prepare you for further study.

        Research in engineering, computer and mathematical sciences

        We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across engineering, computer and mathematical sciences.

        More about our research

        Women in technology

        If you’re a woman studying or interested in technology, you can find support, encouragement and fun in a number of groups – check out how you can help each other to succeed in your fields.

        Women in technology

        Partnerships with international universities

        We have a number of partnerships and collaborative programmes with universities around the world.

        Learn more about our partnerships

        Work with us: ways to partner with AUT

        We’re proud of our strong industry links – and we’re always looking for new opportunities to partner with organisations. Find out how you can access AUT talent and help shape the future of computing and engineering.

        Become an industry partner

        Labs and facilities

        Our industry-leading facilities for engineering and computer and mathematical sciences students include the Scanning Electron Microscope and 3D Printing Lab.

        Find out more about our facilities

        Tim and Nick
        Food waste
        Lense Thirring
        Dr John Flackett
        Ao Facewear
        News pattern
        Tim and Nick
        Face shields for health workers
        30 Apr, 2020
        Associate Professor Tim Pasang and student Nick van Der Geest have been 3D printing medical face shields for frontline health workers.
        Food waste
        The massive scale of food waste
        14 Feb, 2020
        A report just out of the Netherlands shows that food waste is a bigger problem than first thought.
        Lense Thirring
        Extreme star’s origin confirmed
        31 Jan, 2020
        Extreme star’s origin confirmed using general relativity.
        Dr John Flackett
        AUT boosts AI expertise
        28 Jan, 2020
        AUT’s Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies has partnered with Dr John Flackett to create an Artificial Intelligence Lab (AiLab)
        Ao Facewear
        New face mask addresses air pollution
        14 Jan, 2020
        BioDesign Lab helps address growing air pollution with new face mask
        Opening in July, the City Campus’ new Engineering, Design and Technology building will be the home for our School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
        The City Campus’ new Engineering, Technology and Design building is the home for our School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
        Zainab Manasawala
        Danny Blakeman
        Megan Burfoot
        Timoti Wharewaka
        Anna Plessas

        Contact details

        Contact us online
        Phone 0800 AUT UNI (0800 288 864)

        School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
        WZ Building, Level 3
        6 St Paul Street
        Auckland City
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        South Campus
        640 Great South Road
        Manukau, Auckland
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