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      1. Business and economics

        Study business and economics at AUT and you’ll develop the skills, knowledge and values needed to navigate your career journey. Our business and economics graduates are ready to challenge routine thinking, put forward innovative solutions and make positive social change.

        The AUT Business School and the School of Economics are internationally ranked and globally recognised, and our graduates are shaping successful careers all around the world.

        Professional postgraduate programmes

        These programmes are taught in class, and are designed to accelerate your professional career or take it in a new direction entirely.

        Research postgraduate programmes

        These programmes involve advanced learning by conducting research, which will give you specialised knowledge in an area you've previously studied and transferable skills to stand out in the highly competitive employment market.

        The Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma in Business don't include a research project, but can serve as a pathway into the Master of Business research degree.

        A certificate or diploma will give you an introduction to your chosen subject and can prepare you for further study.

        A short course will develop your skills and knowledge in an area of personal or professional interest.

        Join a club and sharpen your skills

        Our student-led clubs, societies and activities give you the chance to apply your learning, make friends, network and improve your CV. These are just a few:

        • AUT Accounting Association
        • AUT Investment Club
        • The Breakfast Club

        More clubs and activities

        Research in business and economics

        We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across business and economics.

        More about our research

        International student exchange

        Immerse yourself in another culture while you study and have the adventure of your life. Check out where you can go on exchange – and read some stories from returned AUT students.

        Exchange for AUT students

        staff levels_rest home
         New York_April
        Jarrod Haar_Landscape
        2. Goodbye to openplan office
        News pattern
        staff levels_rest home
        Review staff levels in rest homes
        22 May, 2020
        Policymakers, funders and aged care providers must admit that quality care in rest homes requires more staff and more time. Katherine Ravenswood explains.
         New York_April
        COVID-19 turns retail therapy to anxiety
        22 May, 2020
        From retail therapy to retail anxiety: keeping customers calm will be key to carrying on post COVID-19. Our marketing experts examine the issue.
        Jarrod Haar_Landscape
        Who leads better - women or men?
        18 May, 2020
        Does gender influence how good a leader you are? Does it matter if you’re a male employee working for a female leader? Professor Jarrod Haar finds out.
        Future of work explored at Techtalk
        12 May, 2020
        Business School lecturer Lena Waizenegger shared findings from her latest research on the first ever virtual international Techtalk.
        2. Goodbye to openplan office
        Will COVID-19 change the way we work?
        30 Apr, 2020
        How will organisations adapt to ensure workplaces are collaborative, productive and virus-free?
        Nga Bui (Natalie)
        Ryan Li
        Nadia Liebert
        Thai Ha Nguyen
        Jake Barker

        Contact details

        Contact us online
        Phone 0800 AUT UNI (0800 288 864)

        AUT Business School
        WF Building, City Campus
        42 Wakefield Street
        Auckland City

        School of Economics
        City Campus
        WY building (level 2)
        120 Mayoral Drive
        Auckland City

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