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      1. Art and design

        We're ranked among the top art and design schools in the world, making AUT the best place to develop the skills and mind-set you need to sharpen your creative voice.

        Our art and design programmes offer a balance of originality, creativity, design thinking and conceptual development. You'll study in an innovative environment where shared spaces and advanced labs will fuel your creativity.

        Undergraduate study in art and design will give you a solid grounding in your chosen area.

        Bachelor's degree

        Portfolio guidelines: applying to study art and design

        Postgraduate study in art and design will build on your knowledge and expertise in your area of interest.

        A certificate or diploma will give you an introduction to your chosen subject and can prepare you for further study.

        A short course will develop your skills and knowledge in an area of personal or professional interest.

        Research in art and design

        Our world-class researchers have research strengths across art and design, delivering high-quality research that has impact.

        More about our research

        Labs and facilities

        Our art and design students have access to industry-leading studios, labs and services. These include photographic and lighting facilities, printmaking and 3D labs, as well as digital textile machines.

        Explore our art and design facilities

        Aotearoa Gratitude billboard at Grey Lynn
        Fiona Amundsen, A Body That Lives (2018)
        Saints of paradox
        News pattern
        Aotearoa Gratitude billboard at Grey Lynn
        Thank you artwork for essential workers
        20 Apr, 2020
        AUT Art and Design students have banded together to show their appreciation for essential workers through billboard art.
        Fiona Amundsen, A Body That Lives (2018)
        Fiona Amundsen: Walters Prize nominee
        15 Apr, 2020
        AUT Visual Arts Senior Lecturer Fiona Amundsen has been named as one of the finalists of this year’s Walters Prize.
        Albert Refiti at The MET
        16 Mar, 2020
        Last year, Art and Design Associate Professor Albert Refiti received the Andrew W. Mellon Senior Fellowship at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
        Saints of paradox
        Augmented Reality book wins competition
        10 Mar, 2020
        AUT's art and design lecturer Tatiana Tavares is one of the winners of Communication Arts Magazine’s annual illustration contest.
        Speaking Surfaces: stories and spaces
        05 Mar, 2020
        Speaking Surfaces is the collaborative work of St Paul St Gallery and AUT Spatial Design staff and students.
        Joshua Ong
        Zammia Weatherall
        Sandy Xu
        Anzac Tasker
        Cora-Allan Wickliffe

        Contact details

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        Phone 0800 AUT UNI (0800 288 864)

        Art & Design Central
        WE Building, City Campus
        St Paul Street
        Auckland City
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