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      1. Study options

        AUT offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Explore our study areas to learn more about our courses, our groundbreaking research and successful students and alumni.

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        Download programme guides

        Our programme guides cover course information, details about studying at AUT and how to apply.

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        Download career sheets

        Learn about industry trends, job descriptions and the skills you need for careers related to AUT programmes.

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        Academic departments

        Discover our academic departments and research staff, from marine biology and radio astronomy to economics and public health.

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        Postgraduate study

        AUT is New Zealand’s fastest growing postgraduate study destination. We offer a wide range of postgraduate programmes – from honours degrees to doctorates – taught by world-leading academics.

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        Short courses

        AUT offers a range of short courses that will develop your skills and knowledge in an area of personal or professional interest.

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