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      1. Fees to study at AUT

        You need to pay tuition fees to study at AUT. The tuition fee varies depending on your programme and the combination of papers you study. Your exact fees will be calculated at the time of invoicing. There may also be other fees and charges you need to pay.

        Students starting tertiary study for the first time may be eligible for one year of full-time study fees free.

        New international students have the option of paying either their first year of fees or pay for their entire programme of study upfront, thus avoiding any fee increases in later years. For more information refer to the international student payment options.

        2020 tuition fees

        The fees published on this website provide an estimate for the range of costs associated with full-time study, based on estimates from the paper selection of previous student enrolments within each qualification. Part-time students pay a proportion of the full-time fee.

        All fees are in NZ dollars and include GST.

        Other fees you may have to pay

        Some papers may charge additional fees for materials, equipment or field trips where applicable. If there is a charge it will be shown on your invoice. Check with your faculty/department if there are additional fees for your course.

        Contact us

        Any questions about AUT fees? We’re here to help.

        Free fees for your university study

        Eligible domestic students starting tertiary education receive one year of full-time study fees-free.

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