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      1. Information for career advisors

        Our Student Recruitment team provides resources and information for career advisors and their students.

        The team hosts a range of events during the year – like information sessions and campus tours – and provides resources including a career advisors’ guide. Some events may be hosted remotely; contact us if you have any questions.

        Download programme guides

        Our programme guides cover course information, details about studying at AUT and how to apply.

        Browse all programme guides

        Download career sheets

        Learn about industry trends, job descriptions and the skills needed for careers related to AUT bachelor's degrees by downloading our career sheets.

        Browse all career sheets

        Online help to choose school subjects

        Our online tool asks students questions about their strengths and interests,  suggests subject areas and explains where these can take them in the future.

        Use the tool now

        Contact details

        The Student Recruitment team liaises with school career advisors and visits secondary schools around New Zealand:

        Student enquiries

        If you have a student with questions about study:

        Meet the Student Recruitment team

        Talk to an advisor about study options

        Are your students thinking about studying at AUT? They can book a time with an advisor to discuss their study options.

        Meet with us to discuss your options