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      1. Campuses and locations

        Campus closures

        All AUT campuses are closed with limited facilities operating for current students. This page is being updated regularly, so do check back from time to time.

        AUT has three campuses around Auckland: in the city, Manukau and on the North Shore. Campus buses link these locations, providing an easy way to get between classes and facilities.

        Specialist locations

        Photo of AUT Millennium

        AUT Millennium
        17 Antares Place, Mairangi Bay, North Shore, Auckland 0632

        Photo of AUT teaching Refugees

        Centre for Refugee Education
        251 Massey Road, Mangere East, Auckland 2024

        Photo of AUT Observatory

        Radio Astronomy Observatory
        Satellite Station Road, Warkworth, Auckland 0983

        Contact us

        Find phone numbers or contact us online

        Contact us online

        Student accommodation

        Living in student accommodation is a great option – especially if you’re in your first year of study or from outside Auckland. AUT’s student accommodation is convenient and modern.